About Us

The UK Film Studio PLC was set up to produce the UK based thriller film "Cleanskin" starring Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling, James Fox and Michelle Ryan which was sold to Warner Brothers for the UK & Australia and Entertainment One Film for USA, Canada, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, South Africa.

It was also sold to various distributors in the following territories. Latin America, Russia, China, Singapore, Greece, India, Japan, Eastern Europe, Turkey.

Our philosophy is to make a high quality and intelligent feature film using the best British talent available, enabling us to reach the widest possible audience, both here and internationally.

In a competing industry of film making, we define ourselves by concentrating on a single motion picture at a time. This means we can focus fully on creating a high quality feature film as we did with Cleanskin.

Writer/director/producer Hadi Hajaig has vast experience in the film industry and advertisement. Hadi has illustrated his passion for making films by previously writing/directing/producing the critically acclaimed "Puritan" starring Nick Moran, David Soul and Georgina Rylance, which was released in cinemas in 2006 and UK DVD in 2007.

The UK Film Studio PLC has raised funds from investors via the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Some of our Shareholder also became involved personally by the various opportunities:

  • Taking part as an Extra in the film
  • Having tickets for our upcoming film Premier
  • They will receive complimentary DVD copies of the finished product to show friends and family
  • Will have tickets for the exclusive screening in Cannes during the 2011 Film Festival

Should you wish to find out more about us, The UK Film Studio PLC is only ever a phone call or email away from your enquiry. Alternatively, please submit your details on the Pre-Register page.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!